“That’s my right of ” is a common expression among drivers, uttered with righteous indignation when someone is trying to get ahead of them while having no right to do so. It is another matter that when we act in a similar fashion, we have neither qualms nor care.

But remember that half the accidents on the road can be avoided if drivers show a wee bit of politeness and patience in the face of the other drivers being indifferent.

You can either let the errant driver have his way with a wave of your hand, putting him under your obligation. Or you could both try and browbeat each other until either one of you has his way or both of you have an accident and an acrimonious exchange afterwards.

There are many occasions when a driver encounters wayward, arrogant and wilful road-users. For example you may, for good reason, want to overtake a vehicle but its driver might choose to take your action as a personal affront and suddenly increase his speed, not allowing you to have precedence over him.

If you try to race against him, then either or both of you might lose control and end up in an accident. Or you may take a moral high ground, wave him on with a smile and get behind his vehicle thus avoiding any mishap. Life is precious and by avoiding to stand on ceremony and proclaiming your right of way at every step, you can actually avoid many an accident.

Similarly, when you are driving along a highway and someone emerging from a bylane tries to enter the main road, knowing fully well that you will have to brake to avoid hitting him, in such a situation avoid thinking of “my right of way”. If you just let him go, instead of blowing your horn or picking a fight, you have avoided an accident.

Indeed patience and self-control are the two golden keys to avoid getting into accidents with a wayward driver.

Happy driving !