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Let Your Lips Do the Talking!

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Lips are a vital part of the face and doing them up well adds a different dimension to your look and personality. Get the steamiest pout with these easy lip-enhancing tips!

Pick Up the Right Shade!

Choose a lipstick according to your complexion. Before you purchase any particular shade of lipstick, use a tester to determine if it compliments the colour of your skin It is very easy to get carried away with lipsticks that are currently on trend, but what works for other ladies might not necessarily work for you.

Scrub the paleness away

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It is essential that you get rid of dead, flaking skin on the surface of your lips. This gives you a smooth surface to work with and improves your lipstick’s appearance.


The next step in achieving beautiful and long-lasting lip color is moisturizing. Dry lips ruin lipstick application so use any good lip balm of your choice and let it sink in for about ten minutes.

Line in style

Pair your lipstick with a lip-liner shade that is similar to its color. Line the border of your lips with short and light strokes.

Apply lipstick

Make sure to stay within the border of your lip liner during application. You can apply lipstick from the tube but many makeup artists suggest using a lip brush for precision..


If you are a lip gloss lover, use one that is a similar color to your lipstick.

Clean excess color

Put your index finger in your mouth and gently close your lips around it before pulling it out. This gets rid of excess lipstick color, preventing those embarrassing teeth stains


Apply concealer around the border of your mouth, to clean and make your lipstick look flawless.

Now you are ready to set the hearts aflame with those sizzling lips! Have fun!

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