It’s amazing to think how bread and other bakery products are such a part and parcel of our daily food yet so little attention has been paid to it until perhaps the last few decades when nutritionists and dieticians have researched on this cardinal element of our daily food intake and have shown how breads can be made from various healthy sources, and in varied ways. The beauty of bread and associated confections like croissants, puffs, etc is that they can be had just by themselves or as gracious accompaniments with various other delicacies.

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On our TOT radar this week, we therefore have a boutique bakery called BreadTalk that is the last word in the world of bakeries in Bahrain. Chic and modern in its outlay, the BreadTalk outlets located at Park Plaza, Bahrain City Centre, Muharraq Seef Mall, Seef Mall Food Court, Oasis Mall in Riffa & UOB have revolutionized the common perception of bakeries.

Panning over a wide range of yummilicious products like Floss Bun, Curry Naan, Moshi Mushroom, Sausage Boat, Smart Aleck Cheese, every product is a gourmet delight and keeps customers wanting for more.

BreadTalk has brought about a renaissance in the bread business, with multiple awards testifying to its branding and business successes. Each BreadTalk outlet bears the urban, clear glass, clean cut look punctuated subtly with detailing of contrasting colours of artworks, unique to each locale.


BreadTalk’s signature ‘see through’ kitchens allow the BreadTalk chefs to showcase their expertise upfront, sharing the preparation of the freshly browned breads, each piece has a story to tell… so beautifully crafted, so heavenly in taste….. The boutique bakery’s signature attention to detail does not stop here. The brand strives to stay ahead constantly, making every effort to improve your BreadTalk experience because they want your trip to BreadTalk to be as deliciously rewarding as the buns you select.

In the years, BreadTalk has flapped its wings across 16 countries, leaving their mark with more than 400 boutique bakeries, 40 food atriums and restaurants, supported by global staff strength of 6000 employees.

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BreadTalk has a shared vision to be an international trend-setting lifestyle brand. To this end, it has taken bold strides in introducing new food culture with revolutionary changes and ingenious differentiation. The BreadTalk products are also crafted with passion and vibrancy to the highest quality. It is certain that BreadTalk’s strategies will lend us a distinct competitive advantage and a platform for continued growth.

BreadTalk has just started introducing a new full range of Danish pastries made using it unique signature touch in its City Center mall which it will expand in its other outlet through Bahrain in the coming weeks.

Meantime, BreadTalk is hard at work in building its new location at the departure area in Bahrain International Airport using yet another new design concept to attract and serve the desires of travelers or transit flayers.

So next time you are in the mood for some magic from the oven, look no further than your nearest BreadTalk outlet to be lost in the delectable delight of the tender delights of the freshly baked products of the boutique bakery.