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Lincoln Adds Premium Sound of Revel Audio Systems to its Luxury Vehicles

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A listening experience comparable to what’s offered only through very high-end home audio systems is now available in the all-new Lincoln MKX midsize utility.

Revel, HARMAN International’s most exclusive loudspeaker brand, worked with Lincoln engineers and designers to craft a 13-speaker Revel audio system and a 19-speaker Revel Ultima™ system for the all-new Lincoln MKX.

Since 1996, Revel has served its audiophile customer base with exceptional, award-winning home-audio equipment. Emphasising science-based speaker architecture and acoustic precision, Revel systems are designed to re-create a musical performance as precisely and purely as it was recorded.

“The Revel audio system available in the all-new Lincoln MKX represents a new approach to ensure all occupants – not just the driver – enjoy the best listening experience,” said Kevin Voecks, Revel product development manager. “Over the course of three years and hundreds of hours of tuning and refining, our collaboration with Lincoln has created the most authentic audio experience possible.”

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Lincoln and Revel designers worked closely to establish a speaker grille design that complements luxurious Lincoln interiors while passing rigorous acoustical testing for optimal performance. Vehicles equipped with a Revel Ultima sound system will include upgraded aluminium speaker grilles for an elegant experience.

Lincoln MKX

The exterior of the MKX luxury midsize SUV embodies elegance in motion, complemented by a dramatic design with a modern, contemporary silhouette and well-balanced proportions. The interior design blends functionality with fluid, flowing forms to inspire a sense of luxurious adventure. Powered by the 2.7-litre twin-turbocharged Ti-VCT EcoBoost V6, the MKX also comes with a line-up of innovative features including a revolutionary 360 degree camera.

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