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LMRA ‘MAJLIS’ Launched

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An innovative initiative true to Bahraini culture that promotes open dialogue in a friendly milieu, Majlis, has been launched by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA).

The project aims at enhancing workplace relations and upholding the rights of workers, and a series of gatherings is designed to promote open dialogue and foster collaboration between LMRA’s executive management and its stakeholders.

The initiative kicked off with its first session at the LMRA Headquarters in Sanabis, attended by representatives from diplomatic missions in Bahrain, including those from UN organisations. The session served as a platform to highlight LMRA’s services and recent initiatives, engaging participants in meaningful discussions on a variety of topics pertinent to improving workplace environments and safeguarding the rights of all parties involved in the labour market.

The focus of the inaugural Majlis was the “Working Together” campaign, a collaborative effort between LMRA and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM). The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness about the rights and responsibilities of employers and expatriate workers in Bahrain, aiming to foster a more informed and respectful workforce.

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Discussions during the session revolved around the campaign’s objectives, strategies, and expected outcomes, as well as exploring avenues to enhance cooperation between LMRA and its stakeholders. The Majlis, rooted in the traditional Arabic concept of a gathering or council, is envisioned as a forum for open communication and the exchange of ideas.

 “The Majlis is a cornerstone of our culture, a place where we come together to listen and learn. We are thrilled to integrate this tradition into LMRA, establishing a space where thoughts can be exchanged and best practices shared,” said LMRA chief executive Nibras Talib.

The Majlis initiative reflects LMRA’s steadfast commitment to transparency, engagement, and ongoing enhancement of its operations. By nurturing a space for open dialogue and collaboration, LMRA aspires to fortify its relationships with stakeholders and collectively work towards establishing a fair, equitable, and productive labour market in Bahrain. This initiative marks a step forward in LMRA’s pursuit of creating a harmonious and cooperative work environment that benefits all.

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