Keep your computer secure and private. The EyeLock Myris scanner lets you unlock is easier than ever before! Yes you can literally blink into it! You can literally lock it with a look! The small accessory uses a special camera that reads your iris — the colored part of your eye — to grant access to your PC, work accounts and more. EyeLock claims it’s more secure than any traditional method, including fingerprint scanners.

EyeLock Myris is a sleek handheld iris scanner, brings biometric security to home computers. The device plugs into a USB port and takes a split-second video of both eyes, scanning more than 240 points in each. Once it verifies a match, it automatically signs the user into accounts through a browser extension. Since no two irises are alike, the chance of a false positive is less than one in two trillion. So look your computer in the Myris and feel complete secure!