Love at first Bubble


Founders Fabio Vieira, Abdulsamad Haji and Philippe Grand have launched the first Bubble Tea branch in Ramli Mall Bahrain.

The bubble tea concept is based on different flavours of fresh iced teas or milk teas where bubbles are incorporated at the bottom of the drink. These bubbles can be chewy black Pearls of Tapioca or Popping Bubbles with various juice flavours that burst once they are in the mouth.

Originating in Taiwan, this fascinating bubble tea has taken the world market by storm and has been now  introduced to Bahrain. This week, we have the Honeydew Bubble Tea made by Abdulsamad Haji.

The Honeydew Bubble Tea, one of the bestselling milk teas is typically made of the following:

> Fresh Black Tea
> Ice cubes
> Honeydew powder
> Milk
> Sugar Syrup (Optional)
>Choice of bursting or chewy bubbles

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