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Lower Calorie Pizza in Bahrain

NKD and MASGO Ventures Bring Healthier Lower Calorie Pizza To Bahrain

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NKD Pizza, the multi-national American pizza chain, announced today that it has signed an exclusive franchise agreement with MASGO Ventures WLL to bring healthier lower calorie pizza to Bahrain.

 “We are excited to see that MASGO shares our passion for the NKD concept and its products,” said Edward Rizk, VP International of NKD Pizza. “This new franchise will definitely be a new channel for NKD to continue voicing its mission to change the nutritional profile of fast food through its all-natural #ShamelesslyGood pizza.”

The NKD Pizza recipe is based on a crust that is made from an “Ancestral Blend” of 10 grains, prebiotic fiber from the agave plant, and special heat-resistant probiotics, also known as “healthy” or “good” bacteria. This results in a diversity of nutrients and fiber along with the added probiotics that support digestive health. NKD Pizza also provides customers with the optionality of ordering a gluten free pizza.

Jenan Almaskati, Managing Partner of MASGO Ventures, commented: “We are delighted to partner with NKD Pizza to bring this unique concept to the Kingdom, and we are excited about helping our customers eat healthily while still enjoying great tasting pizza. We look forward to opening our first store in Bahrain in mid-2016.”

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