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With October being global ‘Think Pink’ month to raise awareness of and funding for breast cancer screening, Lulu Hypermarket helped to spread the message with a roar of support – over 350 bikers rode into Dana Mall’s driveway facing the highway on impressive motorcycles and nifty scooters with pink ribbons to signal their championing the cause.

The bikers represented all communities and included several prominent Bahrainis including  Think Pink Vice Chairperson Tahera Al Alawi and lead biker Roy Ribeiro. At Dana Mall, they  were greeted by Lulu Group Director Juzer Rupawala and Bahrain’s “Think Pink” founder Dr. Julie Sprakel.

The initiative was also supported by the Rotoract Club of Bahrain, whose members, led by President 2021, Tanima Chakravorty, were part of the group.

The bikers were then led by Mr. Rupawala to the specially positioned “Tree of Hope” in the centre of the Dana Mall ground floor area to tie a symbolic pink ribbon as a sign of their care and commitment to the cause.

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“Lulu Hypermarket has always supported awareness raising for breast cancer which is a health crisis that hundreds of women face,” said Mr. Rupawala, “Time and again, we have taken the message that regular testing can help detect the condition early on and prevent fatalities. This year, we have teamed with the incredibly effective “Think Pink” NGO and Bahrain’s biker community to take the message on the road. We welcome all members of the public to visit Dana Mall and tie a pink ribbon to our ‘Tree of Hope’ as a sign of their support and also perhaps in memory of a loved one who is a cancer survivor or fought the disease.”

The ‘Tree of Hope’ will be up at Dana Mall till October 30.

Dr. Julie Sprakle thanked the Lulu Hypermarket for lending its space and efforts for the cause. “We are so happy to work with Lulu and use their amazing visibility and ability to draw large numbers as a platform to spread the message of breast cancer awareness,” she said, “The Bahrain biker community did a fantastic job of dedicating their weekend to the cause and we are sure many lives will be touched by this gesture.”

The bikers congregated at Lulu and were treated to a celebratory breakfast at the end of the morning.

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