Lulu opens priority counters for healthcare professionals

Lulu Hypermarket Priority Checkout counters for healthcare professionals

Lulu Hypermarket has put dedicated checkout counters that will prioritize Bahrain’s healthcare professionals. Lulu Hypermarket thanks all the healthcare professionals for their selfless care of the community in Bahrain.

Doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists and all the workers in hospitals and throughout the public and private healthcare system are the frontline soldiers. They are the ones protecting Bahrain and all of it’s residents health and lives in the fight against COVID-19. The priority counters will lighten their burden, giving them an faster way to get their needs. Allowing them to focus more of their efforts in fending off the pandemic.

All Lulu Hypermarkets will have two priority checkout counter for healthcare professionals.

Lulu spokesperson said: “They are true heroes in this time of crisis. We salute them, We respect them, We thank them for their efforts!”