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MAGIC FOR PEACE – The world’s largest Magic Class held at Haifa, Israel.

Along with bringing the glory of yet another Guinness Record to the Middle East, the attempt by Israeli Illusionist Cagliostro has indeed been successful in teaching the world the beauty of living together in peace and harmony. The magician, in his record breaking attempt has successfully given a class on magic to 1573 kids from grades five and six. Students from 25 different schools attended the world’s largest magic class, learning a new card trick from the master magician Cagliostro.

The event named ‘Haifa Magic for Peace’ was held in conjunction with Beit Hageten, a cultural center that works to foster dialogue and coexistence between different communities in the city of Haifa. The massive event saw representatives from every ethnic and religious community actively participating together to achieve the same goal.

For the purpose of teaching the children the magic trick at the Haifa International Conference Center, the illusionist Cagliostro had a deck of cards specially made to go with the theme of the gathering. The trick saw eight cards with words such as peace, coexistence and dialogue written on them in Arabic and Hebrew. Each child who was performing the trick had to ask his friend to pick a card for him and then return it to the deck. To make the chosen card appear at the top of the stack, the budding magicians, under the guidance of Cagliostro, used a magic wand and recited in unison the magic words: “Peace be with you”.

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Emphasizing the importance of this attempt to the society, Cagliostro was heard noting, “This is a magic lesson with representatives of every faith and community in Haifa; this is Haifa Magic for Peace.”

He went on to say, “I hope that each and every one of these children will show the trick to at least 30 of their friends and family, taking the message of peace and understanding to over 50,000 people, because at the end of the day, peace is in our hands.”

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