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Make Happiness a Habit!

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This week we ask you; are you happy? Do you think whatever you’re doing is bringing happiness to you? Bahrain This Week shows you how you can honestly be happy with yourself and your surroundings.

  • Love your past! We know that can get a little difficult for some but you must be absolutely grateful for every single event that has transpired in your past. Moreover, you must think of it as a lesson that was meant for you to be learnt! If you love your past, your self-esteem in the present will be at its highest.
  • Always think of a great future! Your future is going to be full of curve-balls and difficult situations, but it is also going to be full of joy. Your future is something you must look forward to, so you must always think about a bright future and working towards a bright future rather than assuming the worst.
  • Release control. We can never control anyone!  We are here to show love to people and if they are negative, we just need to keep distance from them. The only thing we have control over is our reactions, our life paths, our emotions and our thinking patterns.  So self-focus, rather than focus on the external. You yourself, in this very moment, makes you happy.  So enjoy your time, no matter what the conditions.
  • Living in the present! We all have heard that we must learn to live in the present. In fact, some who give this advice don’t follow it themselves. We do not have the past, we do not have the future, but we have now! If you have greater goals to achieve, enjoy every moment now by practicing to be happy throughout.
  • Protect your energy. Be careful with what you eat and drink and who you hang out with.  Be careful with the activities that deplete you. Always look for enhancing energy levels. So watch what you think, eat and drink, and who you spend time with. Be careful with your energy – protect it.
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