In today’s world looking presentable is important to one and all. Dr. Gawai, a Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon of international repute with at the Bahrain Specialist Hospital reveals that people in Bahrain are now are more concerned about their weight, fat and body shape.

He says, “We are the only facility in the Kingdom that offers state of the art all round surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgery treatments under one roof.  From laser hair removal, Hair Transplants to face beautifying and body shaping; we have it all.

“We strive to balance your wishes with what’s possible and keep things as natural-looking as possible. The results we like best look natural and harmonious, not overdone.”

At BSH, Dr. Gawai assists patients to lose weight in a simple way, with or without surgery, using the latest technologies and machines, some of which are the only ones in Bahrain.

BSH has the Lipocryo machine which uses advanced Cryo (cooling) technology to painlessly remove fat from various parts of your body as well as the ZERONA cold laser for painless fat removal.

As we all know, the fastest way to remove fat is by Liposuction. For this, the Body Jet Liposuction machine helps in faster recovery from the surgery.

Cellulite which is a common problem especially in ladies can be treated by sophisticated Machines like LPG.

All these procedures have become simpler and affordable.  “The worries over recovery and pain are a thing of the past as the advances in medical technology allows us to use anesthesia that gives patients the utmost comfort and safety during surgery and thus recovery from surgery is faster,” says Dr. Gawai.

Also, the name BSH guarantees safety, comfort, privacy and the facility of the most modern treatments.

BSH also leads the way in non-surgical cosmetic treatments in the Kingdom. Under its armamentarium are available the latest LASER Machines like the FDA approved FRAXEL LASER to banish pigmented patches, scars and fine wrinkles.

The Thermage machine tightens loose skin on the face, abdomen,  arms, thighs without any surgery in one session only.

Treat yourself to painless bruise-free Botox and Filler (Restylane) for an instant makeover.

Surgeons at the Cosmetic Centre at BSH also perform micro-vascular, burns surgeries and other conventional plastic surgeries.

Dr.Rajesh Gawai is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) and European Association of Facial Plastic Surgeons (EAFPS). He has been trained in India, Brazil and Spain. He specializes in both Cosmetic as well as Reconstructive Plastic Surgery providing comprehensive coverage for a wide range of patient needs successfully.

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