A Cozy Corner for Books and Food Lovers!

The pleasure of leaisurely reading and turning the pages of a book while enjoying a nice tea, coffee or a meal is eternal and universal. It gives one some quiet from the din and madness of the busy life around and to find joy in solitude, in the quiet company of an interesting book complimented by delicious food as accompaniments.

Such places are rare to find mostly but on our TOT radar, we have spotted one such delightful nook. Mama Mocha, the ultimate destination for some quality me-time or we-time over the options of books and/or food.

The history of Mama Mocha is interesting. In 2015, Mama Mocha started off as a bookstore where you can pull a book off the shelf and read while enjoying a wide range of premium coffee’s and tea’s. A walk away from the current digitalized books and a breather into the old fashioned way of reading. Few months later, traditional Bahraini breakfast was introduced with the signature Shakshouka (AKA Tomato with Scrambled eggs) gaining great fame.

With the growing population of sweet tooths, it was only a matter of time that the focus of the shop was now spear heading towards developing and experimenting with different types of chocolates. That’s when Mama mocha lab first gained sweet fame from their Choco Egg. The egg shell was in house made of Belgian chocolate filled with Fettuccini crepe drizzled in chocolate sauce with a crown sitting on top made of Ferrero Rocha and strawberries. With the great fame that followed Mama Mocha after the introduction of the egg, it was time to pick it up a notch. That’s when they introduced the Coney Pancake which combines a red velvet cake resting on a throne of pancakes topped with Ice cream and an Ice cream cone. When asked how did they come up with this concept, the answer was simple “we couldn’t fit all the ingredients in the cone, so we decided to turn things upside down”.

But it was until the Choco side up was introduced that the shop spear headed into the world of Chocolate fantasies. The video went viral as it was the first of its kind in the world, where the dish contents are placed in a jar like glass and customers will have the pleasure of slowly lifting the upside down jar to reveal their order which combines crepe,waffles, crispy flakes, marshmallows and of course lots of chocolate. They were able to combine people’s childhood cravings in one single dish. The Choco Side Up comes in two different flavors Chocolate and Pistachio with the newest flavor revealed only to Bahrain this week made of Lotus Cream.

So next time you yearn to fill up your day with a quality gastronomical expedition, be it alone or with a bunch of your close friends, do make it straight to the place that knows your taste, your love of the fine elements of life and gives your leisure a true quality experience.

Mama Mocha currently serves:

  • Breakfast

-Scrambled eggs in/on





  •  Wide range of premium Teas and Coffees
  •  Wide range of Home made Sandwiches
  •  Crepes
  •  Pancakes
  •  Waffles
  • Special

-Kinder family pancake

-Choco egg

-Coney Pancakes

-Choco side up