Manama Souq Development Committee Holds its 8th Meeting

Manama Souq Development Meeting

Headed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), Mr. Nader Al Moayyed, the Manama Souq Development Committee held its 8th meeting on Wednesday, the 5th of February 2020 at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The agenda of the meeting covered several topics including the approval of the previous meeting minutes. It involved reviewing the latest developments of the Manama Souq project. The project aims to maintain and preserve the authentic and traditional identity of the market. But also ensuring its maintenance is up to a modern standard, including changing the signage and shopfronts. Once completed, the revamped Souq will also facilitate the flow of traffic.

The edifice works include the revamping of the facades of dilapidated buildings, renovating the signage and storefronts of 275 shops located on four main streets in the Souq. This includes Bab Al Bahrain Avenue, Sheikh Abdulla Avenue, Al Tijjar Avenue and Crown Prince Avenue.

“BTEA is closely following the progress and development of the Manama Souq project. This is to ensure that it continues implementation in a seamless manner. Carried out to the highest international standards. The work includes unifying the design of storefronts and the maintenance of the buildings to maintain their traditional style. All of these efforts aim to preserve the old Souq given its importance as an authentic tourist destination. It is a historical landmark in the Kingdom of Bahrain.” the Chief Executive Officer of BTEA, Mr. Nader Al Moayed comments.

The meetings are held on a periodic basis, and involve all concerned parties. In order to discuss the latest developments of this pioneering project. It aims to revitalize the tourism sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain and increase its contribution to the national economy.