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MEET ICT: Bahrain is Qualified to Lead Developments In Cloud Computing, block chain

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The Kingdom of Bahrain has many qualifications to attract new technologies in the information and communications sector, such as cloud computing, Internet of things, block chain, localization this new technologies and re-export to the region, benefiting from the industry’s evolving infrastructure, speakers at the Bahrain ICT Conference Technology, modern legislation, the presence of qualified national cadres, and the ability to attract global technology companies such as Amazon.

Speakers in the second day of Meet ICT conference pointed the global market for Block chain is expected to grow from $ 210.2 million by the end of 2016 to $ 2.32 billion by 2021, and the combined annual growth rate of this market will reach 61.5 percent between 2016-2021.

The speakers called on the business sector to pay attention to the way in which modern technologies change the management of institutions, companies, banks and others, adding that these techniques would change the methods of business sectors in which many companies around the world may disappear as money transfer companies unless they keep pace with this development and adapt their work with what is new Techniques.

They noted that 15% of the world’s largest banks plan to launch Block Qin’s commercial products next year, while 65% of the banks are expected to have Block Qin projects within 3 years, with this trend being issued by large banks with more than 100,000 Employee.

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“The competitiveness of businesses active in areas such as heavy industry, manufacturing, medical tourism and retail will remain threatened if these institutions do not take advantage of recent developments in the IT sector,” said Mr. Ubaydli Al Ubaydli, Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) chairman.

Hi stressed that Bahrain’s ICT companies are more than ever invited to take the initiative and take advantage of the unique features of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the technology sector, stressing the importance of the initiative of these companies to enhance their competitiveness and develop their products and services, Thus contributing to raising the contribution of the technology sector to the national economy.

Ubaydli pointed to the importance of developing a national strategy for the development of the information and communication sector, in which the stakeholders from the public, private and private sectors will participate. This strategy will pave the way for transforming the technology industry into an important economic pillar, just like oil.

The conference was held yesterday at the Gulf Exhibition and Convention Center at the Gulf Hotel under the patronage of His Excellency Engineer Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, Minister of Communications and Communications.

About 500 ICT leaders and experts from Bahrain and the region are taking part in the event. This year’s MEET ICT conference will host several sessions and workshops mainly on “Digital Transformation”, with a selection of speakers from inside and outside Bahrain, A number of technical issues, the latest data of this sector in the global markets, in addition to reviewing a number of key issues that constitute important pillars in the industry of information and communication technology.

Batex will be held this year with the participation of about 60 local, regional and international IT companies to enhance the status of the exhibition as a prominent annual event, a venue for public and private exhibitors to showcase services and products, sign agreements and contracts and enter into fruitful partnerships. The field of information and communication technology, which serves the service and development of the sector and benefits the institution and the user on the one hand, and contributes to the development of the national economy in general.

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