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MENA Aerospace Announces Bahrain Developments at Dubai Airshow 2017

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A significant deal, which will take air passenger services in the Kingdom of Bahrain to a new level, has been publicly announced at Dubai Airshow; with a commitment also made by MENA Aerospace Enterprises WLL to play a significant role at next year’s Bahrain International Airshow.

Hala Bahrain

MENA Aerospace has signed an agreement with Hala Bahrain for the provision of passenger handling services at a newly revamped, dedicated terminal building for travellers flying in and out of Bahrain International Airport (BIA) on private or charter jets. This makes MENA Aerospace the first client to sign with Hala Bahrain; which was launched earlier this year by Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), the operator and managing body of BIA.

MENA Aerospace delivers distinctive capabilities in handling aircraft in and around hangars, using Mototok electric tugs, in line with cutting edge international standards. Hala Bahrain will ensure seamless transfers for passengers and crew arriving on private, government, business and corporate, or chartered flights; with services for passenger transportation, passenger handling, and luggage handling.

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HE Bahrain Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Eng. Kamal bin Ahmed noted: “MENA Aerospace is a vital partner of BIA, and plays a critical role in the Bahraini private and charter jet business. Many of the same strengths and opportunities that make Bahrain an aviation hub also make it a popular destination for commerce, so this vital services infrastructure upgrade will contribute to both spheres simultaneously. We always look forward to seeing what MENA Aerospace does next to enhance not only its own offerings, but also the nation’s.”

MENA Aerospace CEO Omar Matar commented: “We are delighted to be the first company signed with Hala Bahrain, and commend Bahrain Airport Company for consistently enhancing its facilities to ensure smooth business development for its entities and stakeholders. This agreement marks the realisation of a long-held vision for MENA Aerospace; to deliver convenient individual and packaged handling services directly to our clients, offering exclusive services with luxury facilities, at competitive rates. We enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to personally redefine quality standards for our clients, as well as for the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Bahrain International Airshow 2018

In line with MENA Aerospace’s status as an integral part of Bahrain’s aviation ecosystem, MENA Aerospace CEO Omar Matar also signed an official agreement to participate in the upcoming edition of the Bahrain International Airshow (BIAS 2018). Mr. Matar commented: “Both the Dubai and Bahrain Airshows are important fixtures in the International Aviation Trade Calendar, and moreover they complement each other in promoting the region’s strength in aerospace and aviation. We look forward to building upon MENA Aerospace’s ongoing achievements in global reach, service offerings, and standards – as well as the results of this edition of Dubai Airshow – with more important announcements at BIAS 2018.”

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