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MG Motor Bahrain Honoured at 2023 Annual Distributor Awards

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MG Bahrain has once again asserted its success in promoting the brand’s quality products and services as a leading distributer in the region. This recognition came as part of the MG 2023 Annual Distributor Awards, held each year to highlight outstanding achievements and unwavering commitment by MG dealerships across the Middle East.

Zayani Motors, the exclusive dealer of MG in the Kingdom, surpassed its competition in the Best Social Media and Influencer Content category which honours the creation of exciting and interactive social media content that generates better customer engagement. The award reaffirms Zayani Motor’s dedication to excellence through effective online campaigns and promotions that materialise as purchases, hitting sales targets and boosting the MG brand in the Kingdom.

Mr. Rashed Zayed Alzayani, Managing Director of Zayani Motors, commented on this occasion, “We are honoured to receive this award, which was made possible by the combined diligence of the Zayani Motors family, especially our distinguished Marketing Team. We constantly endeavour to live up to the MG legacy, ensuring that it thrives on both local and regional levels through studied marketing strategies.”

For his part, Mr. Rizwan Tariq, General Manager of Zayani Motors stated, “The vital role that social media plays cannot be understated, given the realities of our rapidly digitising world and the scale of reach that can be attained online. MG Bahrain is keen to study the market and its needs, establishing connection with our target audiences through all available avenues, including partnerships with local influencers that bolster our image and leave a tangible impact on our success.”

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