Electricity and Water Affairs (EWA) Minister Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza received Head of Training at the Electricity and Water Authority Dr. Raed Nasser Al Mubarak, who presented a copy of his PhD thesis in Business Administration, entitled “Leadership Patterns and Values of Internet Generation Members.”

The minister said these values affect how each generation sees the concept of leadership at work and looks forward to an optimistic outlook for the future. The study concluded with recommendations to develop training and mentoring programmes for the next generation of youth through government institutions in the workplace.

Dr. Mirza praised the efforts made by Dr. Al-Mubarak in preparing for the thesis, wishing him success, stressing that he always seeks to support officials and employees in raising the level of their scientific achievement and their functional abilities to benefit and productivity of work.

Dr. Al-Mubarak thanked and appreciated the minister and officials of the authority for their support to achieve success in his studies and obtain a doctorate, which would contribute to the development of government work in Bahrain.


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