MoH conducts field visits across the Kingdom to enhance COVID-19 containment measures

COVID-19 Field Visits

In line with ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Ministry of Health today announced it has started conducting field visits across the Kingdom, including in Manama- Bab Al-Bahrain area, Durrat Al Bahrain and areas alongside the Budaiya highway, to collect random medical samples using mobile screening units.

The Ministry highlighted that a specialised medical team, along with a group of volunteers participating in the Kingdom’s Public Awareness Campaign to Combat Coronavirus, have organised the field campaign to obtain random medical samples, from the elderly, individuals who are susceptible to COVID-19, owners of hypermarkets, supermarkets, cold-stores, bakeries and pharmacies, in order to safeguard the community.  The Ministry added that additional precautionary measures will be determined for each of the Kingdom’s areas, based on data and indicators received.

The Ministry of Health continues to cooperate with the Ministry of Interior, through the General Directorate of Civil Defence, to ensure the disinfection and sterilization of various areas. The Ministry noted that it further continues to cooperate with community police to ensure public social distancing guidelines are maintained.

The Ministry of Interior affirmed that the engagement of the community police with the field visits is within the framework of its civic duties and public awareness efforts aimed at safeguarding the community.

The community police will continue to ensure citizens and residents follow the necessary social distancing precautions, including leaving the house only when necessary, the prohibition of gatherings in front of homes and public roads, exercising alone or with one person maximum, and to leave a distance of a meter between each person whilst queuing, or attending family gatherings.