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Motorcity Launches Jetour Dashing SUV in Bahrain

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Motorcity, the exclusive distributor of Jetour vehicles in Bahrain, announced the launch of Jetour Dashing, the automotive brand’s first ever A-Class SUV in the Kingdom. The announcement was made at the ghabga held at Exhibition World Bahrain, which was attended by senior executives from Motorcity and Jetour, various media representatives, and social media influencers.

The All-new Jetour Dashing SUV features a striking futuristic appearance, with huge panoramic windows that have already garnered the attention of the automotive industry. It abandons the traditional family style SUV and adopts a new-generation design language that incorporates pioneering technology and mechanical aesthetics to create a sci-fi-like, futuristic mech-armor look. Representing a new era of hi-tech SUVs, it brings together the comfort of SUV space, the convenience of highly user-friendly design, and the power of intelligent computing.

Mr. Waleed Kanoo, Motorcity Director, said: “Motorcity is dedicated to bringing the best that the international market has to offer to its customers. The Dashing is the latest addition to our growing portfolio, and it’s predicted to be a game changer for Jetour. Its striking appearance and humanized technologies combine to deliver an unparalleled SUV experience. We are excited to see what this new model has to offer and look forward to providing more unique options to drivers in the Kingdom”.

The Jetour Dashing’s technological features allow users to enjoy a fully unparalleled driving experience, as it comes with standard voice recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, and remote start. The new model is also packed with thoughtful and Generation Z-friendly tech features, such as reminding you if you have forgotten your phone or keys, fast 40W wireless phone charging, and extra USB ports in the back.

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The small electronic display screen can showcase the environment outside the car and PM2.5 pollutants in real time. The 15.6-inch super large central control screen replaces the physical buttons of the central console, which is convenient for the driver to read information quickly and accurately.

The Dashing features two power combinations of 1.6TD-7DCT and 1.5T-6DCT. The new 1.6TD direct-injection engine has a maximum output of 197 HP and a peak torque of 290 Nm, while the 1.5T-6DCT offers a maximum output of 156 HP and a peak torque of 230 Nm.

The Dashing is one of the latest primary models under Jetour Auto, which is the fastest-growing new SUV brand in China. It has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world, accumulating over 660,000 customers.

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