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Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain now has certified first aiders as staff

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The staff and management team of Mövenpick hotel Bahrain have undergone first aid and CPR training, making them certified first respondents.

Mövenpick staff and management members certified over 25 employees over a four-day period in becoming first aid respondents. The employees underwent training at the hotel grounds, in a move that emphasises the hotel’s eagerness in ensuring the health and safety of its guests.

With recent revisions to first aid guidelines, the hotel team put their best foot forward by training and certifying their staff personnel on the basic CPR techniques and increasing their knowledge so as to handle life threatening situations under pressure, without causing a mayhem. Given the statistics that less than 8% of people who suffer cardiac arrests outside hospitals have a chance to survive, the training is indeed crucial in scenarios where a doctor is not immediately available. With immediate CPR, victim’s chances of survival are strongly doubled or even tripled.

Commenting on the successful completion of training, Hotel General Manager Daniel Kaan said “Our hotel community and guests highly benefit from this positive training and preparations. It is one of our top priorities to be properly trained in the time of need and difficult, hazardous situations. It serves us greatly and helps our staff become more resilient and active helpers thereby increasing chances of our guests survival”

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During the training, staff learned CPR techniques and regulations, chain of survival execution, recognising signs of SCA (Sudden cardiac arrest) and choking, steps on activating EMS, assessing scenes for possible hazards and more.

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