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The Must-Have Mobile eGovernment Apps

Whether you’re looking to renew your vehicle registration, preparing yourself to travel, paying your electricity and water bills or tracking postal packages; the regular must-get-done errands can all be carried-out through simple swipes via the mobile apps available at the eGovernment Apps Store (bahrain.bh/apps) which caters to the iPhone and Android devices.

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The wealthy volumes of services cover a range of mobile apps such as eTraffic, Tawasul, Wejhaty, Electricity & Water Services, Islamiyat, Government Directory, Postal Services, GovEmployee, Student Exam Results and Legislation of Bahrain amongst many others.

When looking into checking your traffic records, updating your contact details at the General Directorate of Traffic, locating fuel stations or enquiring about your fuel; the eTraffic mobile app is a truly valuable app to install and forever keep as it would also enable you to pay your traffic contraventions as well as renew your vehicle and license registrations.

Through the Tawasul app (the mobile version of the National Suggestions & Complaints System); users can send their suggestions, enquiries or complaints relevant to governmental entities. Noticed a traffic defect, road fault or damage in a public utility?.. You can report it to allow concerned entities to make the necessary modifications with the Fix2Go feature by enabling users to snap a photo of the damaged facility through the feature’s 13 numerous categories.

The mobile app Electricity & Water Services allows users to enquire and pay their bills, view bills and payments history, receive notifications for outstanding bills, submit meter readings, calculate benchmark consumption and more. Planning for an event and desire to invite senior government officials?.. Here’s where the Government Directory app comes in handy as it provides a list of government entities’ contact numbers, their social media accounts, interactive map of their locations along with a list of senior level government employees.

You no longer need to visit the Post Office when you got the Postal Services application in hand as you’ll be able to renew the fees of your mailbox and update your contact details, track status of your postal package delivery, calculate local and international shipping costs, view the collection of stamps alongside other services.

As for Wejhaty app, it contains important information and instructions related to travelling like registering your travel destination (so as to allow abroad Bahraini diplomatic missions to contact you in the event of emergencies), providing visa information and traveling advices together with providing accredited foriegn missions inside and outside the Kingdom; accompanied by other beneficial services.

For any suggestions or enquiries, please visit the eGovernment Apps Store (bahrain.bh/apps) or call the National Contact Center on 8000 8001 for more information.

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