Nail Art

Brought to you by JOZ Salon and Spa

The meaning of the manicure has been transformed in the last few years. Until recently, painted nails were a symbol of classic, grown-up elegance. Traditional shades with timeless names – pillarbox red, or ballet-slipper pink – dominated the market. But the boom in nail art and the trend for eyebrow-raising colours have turned the rules upside down. Nails have never been so high profile in fashion and in popular culture, and a new generation of young women are using nail polish to express their individuality, their fashion savvy, creativity and even their humour.

Nail art – the painstaking business of painting and gluing designs and tiny jewels onto nails often lengthened with extensions to create a larger canvas – has its roots in small local salons, but has rapidly become big business and a favourite of female celebrities from the worlds of music, sport and fashion. Nail art has been photographed with hundreds of different eye-catching manicures, from Acid House smiley faces to sharpened metallic talons.

Beauty bloggers are currently tipping the half-moon manicure – an updated version of the traditional French, in which the half-moon at the base is painted a contrasting colour to the rest of the nail, as the coming trend.


The expert Manicurists at JOZ SALON & SPA start with the same techniques as for the manicure or pedicure and go on to special techniques like Acrylics, Nail gel, Nail polish, Glitters, Nail art pen, piercing,adding accessories (studs, rhinestones, miniature plastic bow-ties, beads, and aluminum foil), Acrylic powder for 3D art and Glitter powder.

To decorate the nails, manicurists use several tools like nail dotters, nail strippers, nail art brushes, nail files, stationery tape / stickers, acetone, Nail profiler machine (replaceable sanding bands) and sponges (to make gradient nails).



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