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NBB Invests in Education with Al Hekma International School Partnership Initiative

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The National Bank of Bahrain sponsored Al Hekma International School’s (AHIS) Economics and Career Education initiative. Taking place over the course of one month, the ongoing event enabled students across all academic levels to gain a more in-depth understanding of economics and various 21st century career paths.

In line with the bank’s continuous commitment towards investing in the community and the education sector within the Kingdom, NBB is extending its support to the participating students, encouraging them to exhibit and develop their entrepreneurial skills. The programme will educate young students on how to manage, invest and save money to improve saving and investing decisions.

Students of all academic levels at AHIS took part in a series of competitive activities, and once the event is over, the final winners will walk away with cash prizes. Activities of the event encompassed an Economic and Career Fair for Elementary School Students, a Shark Tank Programme for Middle Schoolers, and a Bahrain Young Entrepreneurs Competition and Virtual Career Fair for High Schoolers, which took place under the guidance of NBB representatives, Reem Taqi, Rewards and Value Proposition Specialist, Hamad Bastaki and Ahmed Khonji, Sales and Service Officers.

The bank also provided younger students with a more hands-on financial experience, utilising NBB’s ATM van for a two-day period, during which an NBB representative taught students how to withdraw cash safely and walked them through the process of using an ATM machine. 

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The Bahrain Young Entrepreneurs event, set to begin in March, will allow them to work on different innovative business plans, subsequently creating a unique product that will be presented to a panel of judges comprised of NBB representatives. The bank is providing vocational counselling for all high-school students throughout to help them further develop their ideas into potential business opportunities.

Commenting on the occasion, Hisham Abu AlFateh, Head of Corporate Communications at NBB, said: “We are thrilled to be part of promoting education and entrepreneurship in the Kingdom. Our role as a national enabler is to educate children from a young age on the values and importance of entrepreneurship so that they may develop their ideas for future generations. NBB promotes healthy competition between students as a means to prepare them for the real world and allow them to hone their ideas into viable business ventures. We look forward to participating in future events that will continue to foster a new generation of innovative thinkers within the Kingdom.”

Principal of Al Hekma International School, Maya Harb, said: “Al Hekma International School aims to motivate students of all ages to benefit from extraordinary learning, driven by curiosity & challenge, inspiring passion & confidence, expanding their knowledge, and enhancing their skills. For over four decades, AHIS has always strived to further invest in its students’ capabilities and support them beyond school. Our vision as a school does not stop at graduation, we are proud to continue guiding our students to explore their full potential, and remain forever grateful to the support shared by great institutions such as NBB.”

The National Bank of Bahrain is committed to integrating Economic, Social and Governance factors into its organisation and operations, spreading financial literacy. It continues to sponsor various education-centric initiatives, contributing towards the Kingdom’s Economic Vision 2030 and developing a new generation of financially literate innovators and inventors.

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