NBB announced the completion of a high-level ITIL training course by the Bank’s IT department, comprised of 40 members, in support of the NBB’s ongoing efforts to leverage technology alongside plans to diversify and enhance both operational performance and the customer experience.

The course focused on helping the Bank’s IT teams gain a better understanding of how ITIL can add business value and strengthen the way that products and services are delivered by embracing a practical approach to service management and providing platforms for clear and effective communication.

Effective ITIL implementation is known to provide numerous organisational benefits including greater alignment of IT to business. By using ITIL services, organisations can achieve improved quality and productivity, better decision making, decreased risks, gradual cost reductions and better cost-justification. ITIL aims to adapt a common framework of practices that unite all areas of IT service provision towards a single aim of delivering value to the business

Commenting, Ms. Dana Buheji, Chief Human Resources Officer at NBB, said, “The ongoing development of our teams, particularly in relation to technology enhancements and the digitisation of the Bank, is an integral part of NBB’s new strategy for growth and further diversification. We remain highly committed to investing in trainings such as this which will give our teams the knowledge and resources they require to innovate and help create even greater business value.”