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NBB Sponsors the Northern Governorate annual summer program

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The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has announced its sponsorship of the 16th annual summer programme, “Our Nation and Our King Bring Us Together,” organised by the administration of the Northern Governorate. The initiative aims to develop a sense of belonging, instill citizenship values and align educational systems with the labour market. The programme also works to promote healthy development as part of the Healthy Cities Programme, as well as support programmes for people of determination.

The summer initiative took place between July 11th and July 16th and was attended by 250 male and female students, aged between 12 and 18. A number of sporting, civic and educational activities were organised as part of the programme, as well as visits to A’ali Pottery, Bahrain Radio and Television, the General Directorate of Civil Defense, Cavalry and the University of Bahrain campus.

The summer programme launched in 2018, is the first of its kind in the Kingdom and is organised by the Northern Governorate in cooperation with the Bahraini Autistic Association. It is supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development as well as the Tamkeen Labor Fund. The programme provides a range of therapeutic, recreational activities for children with autism spectrum disorder, including horse riding activities at the Ghazwan Equestrian Centre.

Reflecting on the sponsorship, Mr Mohammed Alqassimi, Marketing and Partnerships Manager at the National Bank of Bahrain, said: “We are pleased to support this summer activity which reflects our dedication to social responsibility and supporting our communities. This programme provides invaluable support for autistic people as it integrates them into society and aids in the development of their abilities in a calm and structured environment that helps them to improve their social skills, sensory perception, mental balance, strength and motor coordination.”

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This initiative falls under the bank’s social responsibility strategy and is part of the National Bank of Bahrain’s endowments and donations programme, which provides support to various worthy causes. The bank’s leadership are committed to adopting key corporate social responsibility practices to help NBB become a leader when it comes to contributing to social initiatives and developing partnerships.

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