Never Say Never

In conversation with CEO of 9 Dots Media & Events, Mrs. Hanan Janahi

Mrs. Hanan Janahi is a multifaceted lady, who has taken the power of social media to the next level. She was one among the Bahrainis who introduced the clout of digital marketing to the brands in the Kingdom, when social platforms were being considered nothing but a place to share clicks and chat with your friends. 9 Dots Events and Media, is one of her unique ventures supporting today’s digital marketing supplies of the nation. As Mrs. Janahi took few hours from her busy schedule to sit with BTW team and share with us her journey so far as a business lady, we felt fortunate indeed to have met an iron willed lady who believes that her secret of success lies in two words ‘Never Give-up’.

“9 Dots, our organization name, is a globally well known game of dots and lines. The real meaning of it is to think out of the box. And that is what makes us stick out from our competition.” says Mrs. Janahi who is the current CEO of the firm. “Formed in 2009, 9 Dots had its first break through in 2011” she remembers. “It was the time when Bahrain market was at low tide and we had to take the risk. We successfully organized the Amwaj Triathalon – 2011 to support Bahrain’s Special Olympics team for their travel to participate in games that year. And Inshallah, we never had to look back.” She noted proudly. As successful she is as a business person, Mrs. Janahi is equally committed to her role as a socially responsible person.

White Closet, the first venture (“my baby”) by Mrs. janahi, is a well known boutique located in Riffa with unique collection of dress and accessories designed by her and other women who can’t find space to display their talents. “Fashion designing is my passion and I like to encourage talent in Bahrain, who really need that extra support. I dream of owning my line of collections someday soon.” We could not miss the twinkle in her eyes, as she spoke about her zeal towards fashion & style.

While having our conversation with Mrs. Janahi, we were joined by the digital marketing manager of 9 Dots Mr. Mohammed AlNoaimi, who is an award winning e-content provider and has been spearheading the company’s side of social media marketers. “We at 9 dots are able to provide unique ideas to our clients and give them the best services like nowhere else because of our team” Mrs. Janahi continued. “Our photographer Mr. Mustafa has been awarded numerous times and nominated at many prominent photographic competitions, our team here has always been working hard together as one family.”

That’s when Mr. Mohamed added in, “Mrs. Janahi is our motivation. She gives us the freedom that is required for us to be creative and supports us like our kin.”

As our conversation moved towards the social media and digital marketing scenario in Bahrain and Gulf region, Mr. Mohamed had his wholesome experience down the years supporting his statements. “It used to be tough for us in the initial days to have the old school taught, about the digital age of marketing. But as time passed, we could show them the proof of advantages that digital marketing has over the other media.”

When we questioned him about the various ethical and unethical methodologies used in showing analytical figures as proofs, Mr. Mohamed smiled. “Yes, it’s true that you may be able to show huge number of likes or followers in different ways. But the scenario today has changed as it’s no longer the Likes alone that determine your role as a successful digital marketing provider. Here we actually have individual interactions on each posts made as well as customers calling brands directly for services as seen in the social media platform. That is the biggest analytical engine creating the reports for us. And that’s why people keep coming back to 9 Dots.”

With Instagram now being the top social interaction platform, Mrs. Janahi added her experience. “In Instagram, you need to post a picture with each and every post of yours and people love to look at the pictures more than reading. It is now a big business platform as I have personally experienced to have my collections advertised through Instagram and has been getting frequent calls for several of my designs.”

“Yes, and unlike Facebook, where you need to buy the advertising space or sponsors, it’s free when it comes to Instagram.” Mr. Mohamed adds in his reason why Instagram is an instant hit with Gulf.

Mrs. Janahi, who was recognized as the social business person for the year 2013, was all awe at the efforts taken by the Government of Bahrain to support budding entrepreneurs of the Kingdom. “We have to appreciate what our Government is doing for us. Tamkeen and the other resources that we have to support the ideas of the new generation is something you may not find anywhere else.”

“There is always success and failure in business. It’s all about not giving up and having the will power to take the risk.” Mrs. Janahi had her words of wisdom for the upcoming entrepreneurs of the Kingdom before hurrying up to plan for the next event that awaits her approval.

“There is always success and failure in business. It’s all about not giving up and having the will power to take the risk.”