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New Delmon Poultry Company & Farm Chicken branding revealed

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Delmon Poultry Company (ticker: ‘POLTRY’), a pioneer in the Kingdom of Bahrain’s poultry industry since 1980, unveiled the new branding of the company and that of its flagship product, Farm Chicken, at a ceremony held at Crowne Plaza Bahrain today. The event, attended by senior government officials, business partners, major clients and other VIPs, showcased the new look of the iconic packaged chicken brand, which has been on Bahrain’s supermarket shelves since 1982. Farm Chicken has gained a reputation of trust for its use of naturally grown chicken raised on local, independently owned farms. Chicks are hatched in Delmon Poultry Company’s hatchery, then distributed among 20 local farms, along with chicken feed. The chickens are then purchased from them for packaging and distribution, thereby also offering a significant contribution to the growth of Bahrain’s economy and the livelihoods of hundreds of farm workers.

Delmon’s General Manager, Abdul Hadi Merza Jaafar said: “Farm Chicken has been our key product for decades. Generations of families in Bahrain have grown up with it being at the centre of their household meals, and local farmers have come to rely on it for income. However, it was time for a revamp of its image to bring it firmly into the modern era. This product will continue to be a staple of home-cooking, and be better positioned to connect with the current generations as well.”

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The rebranding, which was tasked to a design agency, Miracle Graphics, embraces some modern elements, while still retaining the more familiar aspects that have long been associated with the previous incarnation.

Miracle Business Development Director Mohammed Awadh said: “With traditional brands like Farm Chicken, it is important to constantly reinvent your image so that it will grab customers’ attention and stand out in today’s cluttered market. Customers will find the new look refreshing, but will still recognise it as being the same product that has gained their trust over the years.”

The rebranding comes as part of a comprehensive six-months plan to reintroduce Farm Chicken to a new generation of buyers, which will include extensive outdoor, print, and social media marketing campaigns.

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