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New Era for Bahrain’s Automotive Industry with the Arrival of Foton

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A significant milestone has been reached in Bahrain’s automotive industry as Al Haddad International Motors introduces Foton, a premier Chinese automotive brand, into the commercial vehicle market. The official launch took place at the Foton showroom in Sitra, marking the beginning of a strategic partnership.

“This is a historic moment,” stated Mohammed Shareef, Foton Commercial Vehicles Group Sales Manager. “By partnering with Foton, the largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in China, we have expanded our product portfolio to offer a comprehensive solution for the transportation industry in Bahrain, meeting all customer requirements.”

Al Haddad International Motors, a subsidiary of the esteemed Al Haddad Motors Group, is a prominent business conglomerate in Bahrain with a long-standing legacy in the automotive sector. Already the authorized distributor of Bestune since summer 2022, the company has demonstrated its ability to successfully introduce leading Chinese brands to the Bahraini market. Its extensive network of showrooms, service centers, and spare parts facilities across Bahrain ensures a seamless customer experience.

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Beijing, China, Foton Motor Group has quickly ascended to become one of China’s largest commercial vehicle manufacturers. Known for its focus on innovation and quality, Foton has built a reputation for producing reliable, technologically advanced, and environmentally friendly vehicles. Their product range includes passenger cars, light and heavy-duty trucks, mini trucks, vans, pickups, buses, construction machinery vehicles, and agricultural machinery, catering to diverse consumer needs and industry demands.

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Foton has achieved impressive milestones in the global automotive market, with a sales volume surpassing 10 million vehicles in 2021 and exceeding 11 million by April 2023. Foton’s diverse range of passenger and commercial vehicles is expected to attract a wide spectrum of Bahraini consumers and businesses.

Among its offerings, Foton’s Tunland passenger vehicles provide three options:

  • A 2.4-litre petrol engine double cab 4×2 manual gear stick for commercial use with seating for five.
  • A 2.4-litre petrol engine single cab 4×2 manual gear stick for commercial use with an expansive loading area and seating for two.
  • A 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel engine automatic transmission 4×4 lifestyle vehicle with a leather interior.

All Tunland models come in a variety of colors and include a standard five-year manufacturer warranty or 150,000 km. Foton also offers commercial buses with seating capacities ranging from 13 to 55 passengers, catering to both private and public transport needs, such as schools.

The light commercial vehicles segment includes the Aumark S, available in four different models with a gross vehicle weight ranging from six to 15 tonnes, powered by Cummins engines with ZF transmissions, and a five-year/200,000 km manufacturer warranty. For heavy commercial needs, Foton offers the Auman 4×2 tractor heads powered by 430 horsepower Cummins engines with ZF transmissions, backed by a three-year/450,000 km manufacturer warranty.

To celebrate the launch of Foton in Bahrain, Al Haddad International Motors is offering exclusive deals on all Foton vehicles. For more information, visit www.fotonbahrain.com or call 66700733.

This collaboration marks a significant advancement in Bahrain’s automotive sector, promising to meet a wide array of transportation needs with Foton’s innovative and high-quality vehicles.

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