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New features add to Identity card services via Bahrain.bh

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The National Portal, bahrain.bh provides a range of services that can help save you time and effort. The Portal’s offerings are continuously updated with new and enhanced eServices, the most recent of which is the new ‘ID Card Certificate’ service, provided by the Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA).

During the height of the pandemic, the iGA received feedback from beneficiaries who were not able to get printed copies of their chip’s data, as the ID card reader is typically found at stationaries.

This led to beneficiaries booking appointments with the iGA, which, in response to the feedback and to further ease procedures, developed the ‘ID Card Certificate’ service, eliminating the need to book appointments and visit the center.

After logging using the eKey to (Family Services) available under ID card services in Bahrain.bh. the user can click on ‘ID Card Certificate’, to view the certificate that contains the data in the electronic system. 

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These data that will be obtained from the system include the personal photo, the personal number, the applicant’s name, the gender, the date of birth, the nationality, the ID card issue & expiry date, the residential address, the passport number & its expiry date.

The iGA also offers other ID card services through the National Portal, such as ID card issuance, residential address updates, status enquiries of submitted requests, important information related to the ID card, Update Civil Data records and many more.

The ID card services have also been updated, now allowing users to attach required documents, such as residential address statements and others, instead of emailing them, which reduces the time needed to complete these transactions.  

For more information, please visit the National Portal, bahrain.bh. For inquiries, visit the National Suggestions and Complaints System, Tawasul available via bahrain.bh/tawasul, download the Tawasul app from the eGovernment Apps Store bahrain.bh/apps, or call the Government Services Contact Center on 80008001. To receive updates on the latest news and developments, follow the iGA’s social media channels @iGAbahrain.

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