A New Health Check-Up System for Expatriate Workers 


The release of expatriate workers’ pre-employment health checkup results has now improved by spreading its services to several private hospitals. The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with all multiple entities – Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA), Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) and National Health Regulatory Authority – assist employers by enabling them to choose one of the two types of services in LMRA’s website and the National eGovernment Portal (bahrain.bh)– the Standard & the Premium services.

The whole newly advanced system of the ‘Pre-Employment Health Checkup for Expatriate Workers’ is shortening the waiting time of having a health checkup appointment from 3-4 months down to only 1 week. What’s better, the issuance of the fitness report has also reduced from a period of 1 month down to 1 week!… If that didn’t bring your attention, read more.

When the expatriate worker arrives at the Bahrain International Airport, worker’s fingerprints are captured electronically then he/she is assigned an appointment based on the type of service selected by the employer.

To deliver high-level, high-quality government services to citizens and residents, iGA has now made it easier and simpler for employers to not become delayed by moving processes faster – consequently, adding value to Bahrain’s economy. Today, employers have the option to accelerate timespan of procedures via the two types of services completed at the 14 licensed private medical facilities involved and fully trained on the new system. The Standard service enables the employer to book appointments assigned based on availability across these facilities. The Premium service enables employers to choose and benefit from a wide range of medical facilities (the cost follows the standard rate of the medical facility/service provider).

The service certainly benefits the economy by facilitating the recruitment procedures of expats; reducing costs of enhancing investment on health services; not to mention providing an environment that supports the growth of the local economy. Moreover, it will activate the role of the private sector in providing services of high importance in Bahrain and support profitability returns of participating hospitals.

For any suggestions or enquiries on the eService, please contact us via the National Suggestions & Complaints System ‘Tawasul’ at Bahrain.bh/tawasul or call the National Contact Center on 8000 8001 for more information.