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AJM Kooheji Group BSC (C) welcomes the new LG President

AJM Kooheji Group BSC (C) welcomes the new LG President.

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AJM Kooheji Group was pleased to welcome Mr YG Choi the new LG Gulf FZE President. Mr YG Choi was accompanied by all the product heads managers of LG Gulf. During his visit he was introduced to the senior management of the AJM Kooheji Group & was taken on a market visit to multiple hypermarkets, power retailers & electronic stores. The main agenda of the visit was to understand the market and to improve LG market share in Bahrain.

“LG has been associated with AJM Kooheji Group for over 35 years. It gives me great pleasure to be in Bahrain with this wonderful team. Bahrain is a great place and a very diverse market. Our partnership has always provided a wide array of products to suit every need of the Bahrain consumer. We will be shortly introducing the latest line up of products which will definitely put us in pole position in the market. We want customers to associate with LG for life and not just purchase our products” said Mr. YG Choi, President, LG Gulf FZE.

During the visit LG and AJM Kooheji Group agreed to increase their market reach by increasing product visibility in all the retail outlets. They also discussed the way forward in the year 2016, in lines to provide the best products and customer service to all in Bahrain. This year LG electronics will be introducing their signature series which includes LG’s prolific OLED TV lineup. This OLED TV elevates the technology into an entirely new category of televisions. LG OLED TVs’ Perfect Blacks contribute to a contrast ratio 200 times deeper than that of an LCD panel and bring colours to life like never before. Likewise, LG continues to take laundry to the next level with its TWIN Wash™ with SideKick™ pedestal washer, an industry-first home laundry innovation that allows users to run two separate loads of laundry at the same time.

During the visit we also spoke to Mr Sanjeev Awasthi, COO, AJM Kooheji Group. “Over the years, LG has become one of the brands that every household associates with. LG holds a huge market share in the Bahrain market and will grow more in the coming years. LG has remained one of the best brands in the world and will continue doing so for a long time to come. AJM Kooheji Group have always been proud to be associated with LG” is what he stated.

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