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Another Year In The Candid City

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I would like to wish everyone a great and blessed New Year and thank you readers for continuously supporting this column. 

Special thanks goes to Bahrain This Week for their trust. I am also grateful to those who have entrusted me with a few equipments to try and test. And of course, to the models and makeup artists for their valuable support and permitting me to use their work and images for the reviews published on this column.

Truly, 2015 was a remarkable year with great learning and fun innovation in photography. This year for sure is no less than the last and will definitely be an exciting year too.

Wait for more reviews and articles on the latest technology from cameras to software, post processing tips and DIY (Do It Yourself) photography hacks that will definitely save you money while enjoying great results – this shall rid you from the temptation of buying expensive gear or equipment (it’s always best to save for the rainy day).

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Please keep those emails coming and I will always be happy to answer your queries to the best of my knowledge and experience. If not, we can accompany each other on the journey of continuous learning and share our findings.  Happy New Year once again! Keep the passion burning!!!

By: Glen Wesley Dulay


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