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Newby London Introduces a Royal Tea Blend in Celebration of King Charles III’s Coronation

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In honour of the upcoming coronation of King Charles III on May 6th 2023, British luxury tea brand Newby London has launched a limited edition tea blend specially curated for the occasion.

Presented in a regal purple packaging and embellished with King Charles’ new official emblem, the exclusive Royal Earl Grey priced at AED 143 makes the perfect regal accompaniment to mark this historic event.

Thought to be favoured by the Royal Family, the famous Earl Grey has become synonymous with the British tea culture. Specially crafted by Newby’s master tea taster for this reason, this unique blend features natural bergamot oil and the finest Assam tea leaves, enhanced by blue cornflower and red rose petals. This subtle floral addition to the flavour is reminiscent of colours of the British flag, whilst also playing homage to the new King’s love of horticulture and environmentalism.

The culmination of these delicate flavours results in a rich, malty cup of tea with sweet floral notes and lasting fresh citrus aftertaste. The Royal Earl Grey makes the perfect Coronation gift to enjoy with family and friends, and the perfect luxurious accompaniment to all imperial festivities!

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Join Newby London in celebrating this momentous global occasion with a sip of the magical Royal Earl Grey. The special blend can be found at any Newby boutique in the UAE in Park Hyatt Dubai or at Nation Towers in Abu Dhabi. Indulge in a celebration like no other by enjoying the Royal Earl Grey as part of a tea tasting experience at either boutique or in the opulent Newby Teas majlis in Abu Dhabi. The exclusive tea blend can also be found online at the Newby website.

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