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NGN Takes Cybersecurity to the Next Level with Two Cutting-Edge Sessions

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NGN International, a leading IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company, announced its intention to organize two dynamic sessions of a panel discussion entitled: “Cybersecurity for Fintech in Bahrain”.

The sessions will feature a distinguished group of cybersecurity experts and leaders from the information security, technology, and ICT sectors. These insightful discussions are part of NGN International’s “NGN Majlis” initiatives aimed at raising awareness about cybersecurity.

Next Wednesday, on May 31st, the Ritz-Carlton will be hosting these highly anticipated sessions that delve into crucial topics related to cybersecurity in the fintech industry. These sessions will shed light on significant themes including the Cybersecurity Framework specifically tailored for Bahrain’s FinTech sector, and the application of fintech practices to effectively combat emerging cyber threats such as ransomware, cyber intrusions, and malware.

Moreover, the discussions will emphasize the value of collaboration among companies, regulators, and academia in developing innovative cybersecurity solutions and enhancing the overall security standards within the technological financial sector.

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On the same day, as part of the “NGN Majlis” event, there will be an informative workshop conducted by NGN’s strategic partner, Axonius. This workshop will focus on the crucial topic of Cybersecurity Asset Management, aiming to educate attendees on its significance in bolstering cybersecurity within organizations.

The workshop will cover key aspects such the significance in fortifying information security and defending against cyberattacks, it will also feature a panel discussion, shedding light on fundamental tools like identity management, access and control management, and monitoring, which serve as essential components for effective cybersecurity asset management.

Esteemed cybersecurity and IT experts will grace these sessions with their insights. The distinguished panel of speakers includes Mr. Alaa Albahrani, Senior Manager of Information & Cyber Security at Ahli United Bank, Mr. Hasan Muhi, Information Security Management/BCP Officer at KFH, Mr. Fawaz Ghazal, Chief Executive Officer of FLOOSS, and Mr. David Bradley, Channel Sales Engineer at Axonius. The session will be moderated by Mr. Salah Albenjasim, a Cybersecurity PhD Researcher.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN, underscored the importance of this event, which exemplifies the company’s unwavering dedication to equipping business owners with invaluable insights. He emphasized the need for a holistic approach in addressing the ever-evolving cybersecurity challenges, particularly in light of the pervasive impact of financial technology.

“Remaining updated on the dynamic trends in cybersecurity and harnessing cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, cloud computing, and quantum computing are essential foundations for institutions seeking to bolster security within the financial technology sector. NGN is deeply committed to providing business owners with valuable opportunities to enhance their awareness and comprehension in this dynamic field.”

Mr. Al Awadhi stated that the workshop, titled “The Importance of Cybersecurity Asset Management,” will delve into the significant role played by government and regulators in strengthening the management of cybersecurity assets within organizations. It will emphasize the importance of adhering to cybersecurity standards and regulations, ensuring their proper implementation. Moreover, the workshop will provide practical tips and guidance to institutions on effectively managing cybersecurity assets aligned with their unique organizational and operational structure.

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