Nissan Bahrain Officially Launches Factory Prices Campaign


Y.K. Almoayyed & Sons (YKA), authorized distributors of Nissan in the Kingdom of Bahrain have relaunched this year’s Nissan Factory prices across all their showrooms based on its resounding success from early April when it was first introduced. The promotion includes the Nissan Patrol, Nissan X-Trail,& Nissan Altima, valid only until 7th October 2017.

The initiative by YK Almoayyed and Sons is to provide its customers true value as a way of showing appreciation for their loyalty and continued confidence in the brand and dealership.

Anand Nair, who recently purchased his vehicle said, “Most car purchases happen earlier in the year, but I am glad to have waited a little longer this year. The prices are really worth the wait”.

The official factory prices are only available at the below authorized Nissan, YK Almoayyed and Sons showrooms. For more information, visit or call Sitra – 17732732, Arad – 17221555, Exhibition Road – 17002222.