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nogaholding Group Holds Ceremony for Bahraini Women’s Day

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The Oil and Gas Holding Company B.S.C (closed) (“nogaholding”) and its operating companies held a ceremony in celebration of Bahraini Women’s Day 2022. The event hosted the women that make up the workforce in nogaholding across different operational levels and functions, and the executive management of nogaholding and its operating companies.

During the ceremony, Mr. Mark Thomas, the Group Chief Executive Officer of nogaholding announced a series of initiatives including the formation of a Group Joint Commission for Equal Opportunities and Gender Balance. The Joint Commission will support gender balance in the workplace by developing initiatives and policies that will create a better working environment across the nogaholding Group. Comprised of representatives from nogaholding’s operating companies, participating members will ensure that the Group’s various committees implement workplace policies that benefit employees and provide equal opportunities.

During the event, the Group CEO, along with the CEOs from Bapco, Tatweer, Banagas, GPIC, BAFCO, ASRY and BRC took to the stage to sign the United Nations Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) pledge.

With the pledge to endorse and implement the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) initiative, the Group will take necessary action to instill the seven principles in line with the UN’s human rights standards, focusing on gender equality, health and safety, education, development, and more.

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Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Thomas, said: “We are proud to host our first Group Women’s day event to recognize all the remarkable achievements and contributions made by the women working in the nogaholding Group to this vital industry. We’ve made great strides in gender balance and equal opportunities over the past few years, and we are working hard to make sure we are at the forefront in gender balance in Bahrain.

“Through establishing the Joint Commission for Equal Opportunities and Gender Balance and endorsing the WEPs Principles, we strive to support the Kingdom in its continued endeavors to empower Bahraini women in the workplace. Our role is to promote global initiatives that align with local agendas, benefiting from international expertise to further advance the Kingdom of Bahrain,” he added.

The ceremony was held in line with SCW’s central theme for Bahraini Women’s Day, ‘Read – Learned – Participated’, stemming from the early beginnings of Bahraini women’s involvement in the Kingdom’s development and their continuous contributions.

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