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CultureInside BahrainNSSA clinches first place in “Advanced Geoinformatics” programme

NSSA clinches first place in “Advanced Geoinformatics” programme

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Bahrain’s National Space Science Agency (NSSA) has clinched first place in a training programme, entitled “Advanced Geoinformatics”, organised by the University of Twente, the Netherlands.

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NSSA employees, Shaima Shawqi Al-Meer and Aysha Ali Al-Hajeri, took part in the three-month programme which is specialised in developing technologies required for analysing, distributing and visualising geo-spatial data.

The “Advanced Geoinformatics” course offers the trainees the possibility to expand their competencies and skills in advanced data acquisition and information extraction methods or focus more on the integration of state-of-the-art methods in geospatial workflows.

The programme enables the trainees to learn how to design and develop algorithms, models, and tools that can process geo-spatial data into reliable, actionable information.

NSSA Group Photo

Shaima Al-Meer, who topped the current batch of trainees, expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to NSSA, led by Chief Executive, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Assiri, for providing all necessary success requirements for the Bahraini participants, noting that their ultimate goal was to honour the kingdom at such an important programme.

NSSA chief commended the efforts exerted by the two candidates to represent the kingdom at such a programme, highlighting NSSA’s confidence in Bahraini youth competencies, and keenness to enable them to enhance their technological and scientific knowledge, which will reflect positively on NSSA’s work and help it achieve its goals.

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