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-From Pigeon Pose, bend the left knee.
-Take hold of the left toes with your left hand and raise your elbow up toward the ceiling.
-Reach the right hand for the left toes as well, bringing the right elbow up.
-Let the head come back until the sole of the foot is close to or touching the top of the head.

Beginner’s Tip:
At first many students who learn this pose aren’t able to easily grasp the back foot directly with their hands. Take a strap with a buckle. Slip a small loop over the back foot—let’s say the left foot is extended back—and tighten the strap around the ball of the foot. Make sure the buckle is against the sole of the foot. Perform the leg position, and lay the strap on the floor along side the left leg. Bend the left knee and grasp the strap with the left hand. Swing that arm up and over your head, then reach back with the right hand. Hold the strap in both hands, and carefully walk your hands down the strap toward the foot.


-Stretches the thighs, groins and psoas, abdomen, chest and shoulders, and neck
-Stimulates the abdominal organs
-Opens the shoulders and chest

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