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Opening Amazing Chapters of Thailand-Bahrain Relationship

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Interview with HE Piyapak Sricharoen, Ambassador of Thailand to Bahrain

Thailand and Bahrain share three decades of relationship with mutual common historical civilizations developed in both countries. Thailand and Bahrain established diplomatic relations on 17 January 1977. Since then, the two kingdoms have worked closely together to boost close and cordial relations.Thailand will be celebrating its 62 nd National Day on December 5 th .

Bahrain This week meets with HE Piyapak Sricharoen, Ambassador of Thailand to Bahrain to reflect on the bilateral cooperation between both countries and the prospective growth in the coming years.

The diplomatic relationship between Thailand and the Kingdom is progressing in an inspiring way each year.  As an Ambassador of Thailand to Bahrain, how do you see the future of this relationship?

Thailand sees Bahrain as our special friend in the Gulf region, guided by a strong vision at the highest level, and underpinned by mutual affection between our two peoples. 

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In the coming years, I anticipate a broadening of our relations towards a regional perspective, while at the same time more intense efforts will be directed to seizing opportunities in trade and investment, possibly in new areas such as the digital economy and e-commerce. People-to-people exchanges will be made easier with better connectivity, and the younger generation will be encouraged to find opportunities in our respective countries.  So, tourism and MICE activity will increase as people from both countries engage more with each other.
What values of both Nations, do you believe makes this Diplomatic relationship stronger each

We value our longstanding friendship. We have a common desire for peace and harmony and share a vision of sustainable prosperity.
What are your plans to foster this relationship in economic, cultural, and industrial ways?

The economic agenda will be very important. Firstly, the Embassy is supporting Thai businesses already in Bahrain by strengthening their capacity and helping them make the most of the opportunities. Secondly, due to Bahrain’s friendly environment and connectivity, we will be encouraging Thai SMEs to consider Bahrain as the perfect entry point into the GCC. We already have the Thai Mart, which opened two years ago, which is acting as a hub for Thai businesses set up here in Bahrain. Thirdly, we have strong confidence in the upward economic trajectory of Bahrain, and therefore, we are encouraging Thai businesses to consider expanding operations into Bahrain and the GCC, such as in the area of health and wellness.

Apart from that, I believe more people and cultural exchanges would be well received. While Bahrainis already know and love Thai food, we will continue to introduce fresh regional Thai cuisines here, as well as show Bahrainis how to prepare their favorite Thai dish. We were really pleased that our Fun & Easy Thai Dessert Workshop during Bahrain Summer Festival in July was very well received by the young generation.

In addition, as Thailand is a founding member of ASEAN, we will be working with our ASEAN colleagues to raise the profile and understanding about ASEAN, its activities, and opportunities here in Bahrain.

How do you believe that both nations will benefit from their unique relationship?

Our people have long contributed to each other’s economic dynamism and advancement, whether through labor and employment, trade, business, and investment activity as well as tourism.  

Looking forward, I believe it is important to encourage our people to know more about each other so that they can find opportunities that will lead to more business and investments.Learning from each other allows us to enrich our life experience and well-being – such as by enjoying music and popular culture.  Also, Thailand places an emphasis on sustainable development and practices, and this could be an area where we can share our experiences and develop further practical cooperation.

What are the major adaptations that you have done since your arrival to the Kingdom?

I am so grateful that since my arrival here in March, I have been so warmly welcomed and given so much support and encouragement.  This is a testament to the well-known Bahraini tradition of hospitality as well as the goodwill we have for each other.  Also, Bahrain has a rich cosmopolitan history, it is a precious personal opportunity for me to learn more about Arabic cultures and traditions, which I look forward to with so much excitement.
Thai Tourism is gaining attention on an everyday basis. On the other hand, Bahrain itself is a favorite tourist destination for many. How do you encourage Bahrain residents to explore the beauty of Thailand?

Probably the best time to visit Thailand is between November and April, due to the favorable weather. Gulf Air has excellent connectivity to Bangkok and hopefully will consider opening up new destinations such as Phuket.   Our current promotional campaign is “Amazing Thailand: Amazing New Chapters” which encourages visitors to explore new destinations such as our northern capital Chiang Mai, which has its own rich distinctive culture and cuisine, as well as try new experiences such as home stay in a peaceful resort close to nature.   To make your visit more fun, you could try out an introductory course in Muay Thai – our traditional boxing, or take a short course on Thai cooking.

What events are planned in the Kingdom for the upcoming Thai National Day on December

It is indeed a special day for Thais everywhere, so in addition to a diplomatic reception, we will be having a Thai community event at the Embassy.   We are cooperating with the Thai Club Bahrain and Al Hilal hospital to have medical checkups for the Thai community as well. Apart from the National Day events, I would like to highlight the “Amazing Night Market” at the Thai Mart, in Muharraq, which will start from 1 st December until 28 th January 2023 is a good chance for the family to try out a huge variety of authentic Thai food, shop for typical Thai products, and enjoy traditional Thai cultural performances.

Also, for the business community, our world-class annual food & beverage expo, THAIFEX – AnugaAsia will be held from 23 rd – 27 th May 2023 and the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair will be held from 6th – 10 th September 2023, both on Bangkok.   
Thai National Day and The Kingdom’s National Day are happening in the same month (December 5th and 16th respectively) what’s your message to the whole Kingdom during these occasions?

Our two kingdoms have a special and enduring friendship, and I wish to express my profound respect and best wishes for the continued peace and prosperity of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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