After the Rotary Sulmaniya regular meeting on 1st February 2017, the Rotary club of Sulmaniya signed an agreement with Royal Charity Organisation and Gulf Specialist Diabetes center to work together on the club’s flagship Diabetes project.

The agreement has given roles to all three parties:

  • The Rotary Club of Sulmaniya is the sponsor of the event. They will use the funds collected from the Raft Race 2016 which was the largest fundraising event for the club last year.
  • The Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center will conduct the treatments to patients with diabetes related diseases.
  • The Royal Charity Organisation will be involved in the vetting process of the patients and will oversee the entire process.

The flagship project for the Rotary club of Sulmaniya will involved treating patients with diabetes related diseases. Gulf Diabetes Specialist Center has offered to treat patients at a discounted price. They are planning to treat 80 to 100 patients by 30th June 2017.