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Pavilion Renewables Signs MoU with OAK Energy & Infrastructure Solutions

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Pavilion Renewables, part of the Pavilion Group, one of the leading global providers of Renewable Energy Solutions, Water Treatment and Decarbonisation, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (Agreement) with OAK Energy & Infrastructure Solutions (OAK), a multinational technologist headquartered in Bahrain which delivers step-change Oil & Gas Infrastructure and Renewable Energy Technologies and services to both the Public and Private sectors.

The Agreement brings together Pavilion Renewables, which operates under the umbrella of Pavilion Group and OAK Energy & Infrastructure Solutions, a member of OAK Group Holdings, to jointly work to enhance the delivery capabilities for Waste-to-Energy Solutions, thereby effecting a greater Service Solution offering to Clients targeted jointly by Pavilion and OAK.

The Agreement falls within a wider framework of both Parties’ commitment in support of the objectives of Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 with both Local and International Projects, which aims to offer meaningful and profitable diversification options  in support of National Policy Plans and programmes  in this region for the transition from Oil-based  economies to  economic and social development strategies in compliance with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, in particular, in alignment with Global Net Zero Carbon Emissions strategies.

“It is an honour to work with OAK towards the achievement of mutual benefit for our Clients,” commented Mr. Ian Roos, CEO of Pavilion Group, adding: “Our Organisations have a clear common goal aiming to effectively transition our Clients across all Sectors to cleaner sources of energy, diversifying the National Economy through innovative solutions which also aims to reduce the harmful impact of carbon emission on the environment.”

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OAK’s Group CEO, Mr. Gareth Brown commented; “This MOU brings together our companies with shared strategic objectives to innovate and deliver leading edge technologies and manufacturing in the field of Sustainable Energy.  Made in Bahrain, the relationship is specifically designed to harness the respective specialist technological and expert human capital of each in order to maximise the synergies and added value arising from the prospective collaboration in the Financing, Design, and Delivery of innovative Technologies in the Energy and Utility Sectors.”

Pavilion has been a pioneer in Sustainability through off grid and grid tied solutions, generating clean energy on a wide scale with Hybrid Technologies.  The elements are harnessed in a renewable supply which leads to long-term sustainable development.  The Group’s endeavours also includes a drive to utilise Recycled Waste in Mass Energy Production, as showcased in its flagship Project in Salman City.

Pavilion Group of companies principle is to enable Clients from the Public and Private Sectors to harness profitability with sustainability, producing clean water, reducing energy costs, lowering their environmental footprint and generating renewable power.

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