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Bahrain This Week had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hanann Marafie and our conversation was proof of her dedication to provide the best of health services to Bahrain, in the field of Dermatology. Being in this industry for the last 20 years, Dr. Marafie is considered to be one of the leading Dermatologists and Cosmetic Dermatologists in the Gulf Region. She has been paving the way for Bahrain’s Health Tourism for almost two decades and her clinic is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year in the private health sector.

Dr. Marafie has great faith in Bahrain’s strength and hence has never been concerned about investing constantly in her equipment and services, which provides additional choices for the modalities of treatment for advanced results. Her ideology believes in health tourism, quality service, high standard technologies and continuous education of doctors, nurses & the management. She also believes that Bahrain is a superb location and encourages people from around the region and beyond to come to the kingdom for their treatment.

Marafie Clinic provides comfortable surroundings with a great atmosphere but more importantly, the clinic is very serious about maintaining confidentiality and privacy of the patients. Dr. Marafie gets satisfaction from seeing the end results and providing her patients with a variety of treatment choices, so her priority has been to make sure that patients are comfortable with the procedure that they are having. More importantl,y she establishes a good relationship with them. “Patient comfort and trust is the foremost priority at the clinic,” says Dr. Marafie.

The road to success wasn’t easy, given the healthy competition in the medical field, but Dr. Marafie has reached where she is today by conquering the obstacles in her way. Not only did she strive to be a part of this field, but also improved her capabilities, aiming to be a leader in her field and always follow best practices under the roof of medical ethics. She thanks Bahrain Development Bank for all their support. “Without BDB I could not have bought all the latest expensive and high-end machines,” says Dr. Marafie.

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Marafie Clinic has a hotline number and provides 24 hours service for patient enquiries in order to follow up directly with them for convenience and  comfort. Additionally, the clinic offers the latest in laser technology to help patients achieve beautiful skin. It has always been part of Dr. Marafie’s strategic plan to assist the Kingdom of Bahrain to become a centre for “health tourism” in the region. She says, “People in the Gulf region should not have to fly for more than an hour or so to obtain first class medical treatment; it should be available in an environment that makes them feel at home, since the follow up after any medical or surgical procedure is very important for the doctor’s records and for the patient’s health.”

An added service at the clinic is the introduction of the online payment gateway in partnership with Credimax, and Marafie Clinic are the first clinic to have this facility in the Kingdom.

It won’t be wrong to say that it is surely Dr. Marafie’s determination to be a pioneer in her field that has brought her vision alive and will continue to do so. Dr. Marafie says, “It is very easy to be successful in any field but it is not easy to continue maintaining the higher standard of services without continuous  education and scientific updates.

At the end I never work alone; I believe in team work. My clinic staff and patients are my family. I always take advice from them and share ideas so we can all give the best in the health sector for the benefit of all.”

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