Whether you’re searching for a driving instructor or booking a driving test appointment to earn a driving license, the Driving School Services are accessible on the national portal (Bahrain.bh) or the eTraffic app to provide citizens and residents who desire to attain their driving licenses with a convenient platform and conduct essential needed services.

Provided by the General Directorate of Traffic in collaboration with the Information & eGovernment Authority, the Driving School eServices enable users to select their driving preferable instructor including informative information on the instructor as well as gender selection. After completing their driving classes, users can book their driving test appointments online and easily pay for the test fees. Moreover, the service provides additional benefits to eKey registered users by logging into their personal accounts to view and manage their driving test appointments.

With an available eKey account, you will only use a single password to access a huge range of government eServices with state-of-the-art security that protects your identity. Take advantage of the wide range of valuable traffic-related eServices via the highly convenient eTraffic app which can be downloaded via the eGovernment Apps Store at Bahrain.bh/apps.