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Pledged to Cure and Heal

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Physiobay Bahrain, founded by Sara Farooq, Nahid Butti and Deena A.Aziz Selais is a self-complete, well-equipped physiotherapy centre established with the objective of bringing relief to patients who need physiotherapy to heal.

Briefly summaries your educational and professional background. Any special degree in physiotherapy?

We are a team of three physiotherapists:

Nahid Butti graduated from UK with a bachelor degree of physiotherapy, worked in the Military Hospital for more than 20 years. Nahid is certified myofascial trigger point dry needling practitioner and certified kinesio tapping practiotiner.

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Sara Farooq graduated from UK with a bachelor degree of physiotherapy and she holds a Master degree of Quality management in healthcare from the Royal College of Surgeons RCSI in 2013. She worked in the military hospital for more than 20 years. Sara is certified myofascial trigger point dry needling practitioner and certified kinesio tapping practiotiner.

Deena Selais graduated from Kuwait University with a bachelor degree of science. She has worked for more than 15 years in the Military Hospital and she is certified lymphedema therapist.

Briefly tell us about your physiotherapy centre, when and how it was founded, vision, mission, etc.

Our long work experience in the field of physiotherapy and healthcare made us realise the urgent need for more specialized physiotherapy centers in the country as governmental hospitals face long waiting lists for appointments and the pressure is increasing. The awareness of people regarding physiotherapy services is increasing day by day which neccissates the call for more centers in Bahrain.

What are the various medical conditions that can be cured at Physiobay?

We cover orthopedic conditions like joints & rheumatic conditions, muscle dysfuction conditions, sport injuries, fractures and post orthopedic surgeries. Additionally, we rehabilitate neurological conditions like paralysis and by next month a specialized physiotherapist will join our team for pediatric and children conditions. We also treat cerebral palsy and child rehabilitation. Additionally we treat patients with lymphedema conditions.

What are the various physiotherapy services that you provide at your Centre?

Treatment options varies according to need of each condition and may include:

  • Electrotherapy devices  to relief pain
  • Ultrasound device to reduce inflammation, promote circulation and eventually reduce pain
  • Laser therapy which promotes healing of tissues
  • Short wave diatheramy which provides gentle heat to the deep tissues in the body to improve circulation and reduce inflammation
  • Shock wave therapy device which reduces calcification and fibrosis of tissue to reduce pain
  • ETS which is a new devise that is a biofeedback of muscle function and educates the muscle to contact normally.
  • Dry needling which is a professional technique of needling identified trigger points in the muscles in order to relief the abnormal tightness and reduce pain and restore function
  • Kinesio tapping is the most functional tape used in sports fields now to balance the function of the muscle and to satblise the joints without restriction in movement
  • A rehabilitation area is an area to train patients with function disabilities and to train balance and coordination

Are there any diseases that only physiotherapy can cure or cure better than other forms of treatment?

80% of Bahrainis complain of low back pain and knee pain. These are the most prevalent conditions. Physiotherapy provides non-invasive treatment optins that can relief patients from pain and make them understand their condions and takecare of themselves better.

Can a person approach your Centre directly without consulting a doctor?

Physician referral is important as the initial assessment is done by the physician and necessary tests and X-rays are done to role out the causes that might not be within the specture of physiotherapy. Even when a patient approaches us directly, we often refer the person to a specialist for accurate diagnosis of the existent problem to ensure effective and apt treatment.

What common orthopaedic problems are due to the sedentary lifestyle that people have today?

A new common complain that affects the young and the adults is the “Text Neck Syndrome” due to the overuse of neck in a bad leaning posture while using cell phones, tablets and other electronic devises for too long. This condition  cuases sever neck pain which might radiate to upper limb or cause tingling as well.

What is your message to everyone for a healthy life?

Good health starts with a good lifestyle. Eat healthy, avoid stress and exercise for a happier life.

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