Polarizing Filters

    Polarizing filters change the way your camera treat light.

    Does your camera have the ability to use filters? If so, one of the most useful filter you may consider purchasing is a polarizing filter.

    Polarizing filters change the way your camera treat light. When you are actually using this filter, you should notice a change on how your camera sees reflections and glare.

    Additionally, you will also notice vibrancy of some colors in your images. These are just a few of the magic that Polarizing filters do on your image. There is a lot to be said about the technicalities of how these filters work and to keep it all simple, below are a few points:

    Water – When you try to get a picture of water, adjusting your polarizing filter will mean you see into the water differently; cutting out glare and even changing the color of the water. With the filter, your image may portray a crystal clear water with a bright blue color for an instance. Unlike when you have no filter installed, your image will more likely look murky in color which is not appealing.

    Sky – Similar to a water shot, the color of the sky can change remarkably when using a polarizing filter. When you rotate the filter, you will have a sky with either a light pale blue or vibrant deep blue in color depending on where the sun is located. The filter can also eliminate smoggy haze that is usually present in city shots.

    I will share with you a few more points in our next issue. If you have any questions and inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me or email at [email protected]

    By Glenn Dulay