Friday, June 18, 2021

    Police Directorates promote public social distancing

    Police Directorates have taken various law enforcement procedures, including social distancing, to ensure the safety of citizens and residents from coronavirus.

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    The Muharraq Governorate Police Directorate has taken 86 steps to promote social distancing for groups of more than 5 persons in cooperation with the Operations Room from March 22. Along with awareness campaigns for people in general and expats in particular and monitoring violations.

    The Capital Governorate Police Directorate has taken 167 similar procedures, also with the deployment of police patrols to enhance awareness of people at beaches and markets, including distributing of multi-language publications.

    The Northern Governorate Police Directorate has taken 154 safety-promotion steps and 64 awareness campaigns.  The Southern Governorate Police Directorate carried 147 safety procedures, along with a campaign to list labour camps in the district.

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