In a move that combines two celebrated icons, each with their own special character, international pop artist Massari who is managed by SAL&CO/Maverick, released his new duet, ‘Roll With It,’ featuring international Arab artist ‎Mohammed Assaf, who is managed by Platinum Records, a leading record label and music entertainment company in the Middle East.

Commenting on this work, Massari said: “I wanted to collaborate with Assaf because I was so inspired by his story. All of the ‎obstacles he had to overcome and his determination to succeed brings hope to a ‎new generation that’s struggling to find a way to be heard.”

He added: “I loved filming in Dubai. There were so many beautiful locations to film at. It ‎made it extremely easy for us to have a strong video that we could be proud of ‎and also match the vibe of the song.”

Reflecting on the meaning behind the song, Massari said: “Music has no boundaries. Whether you are in LA or Dubai, music will always find ‎a way to bring people together. I’m proud to support the new generation of ‎artists like Assaf.‎”

“I am truly delighted to collaborate with an extremely talented artist like Massari for ‎this song. We had a fantastic time recording and filming this amazing track in Dubai,” ‎said Mohammed Assaf.‎ “Music is a universal language, and it is the quickest way to reach the hearts and minds of ‎people. I am very excited to share this song with my fans, especially as it is my first ‎collaboration with an international star‎.”

Produced by SAL&CO, Platinum Records, and Massari&Co, the song is a result of a creative collaboration with a number of international musicians, including Hadi Sharara, Jalal El Hamdaoui, DaHeala, Sad Money, and Nasri. ‘Roll With It’ was launched exclusively on Anghami.

Directed by the award-winning Los Angeles-based filmmaker, David ‎Zennie, the music video of ‘Roll With It’ captures the fun-filled time between the two stars, ‎against the backdrop of Dubai’s iconic landmarks and attractions. ‎

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