His paintings are largely inspired by women as he greatly respects the woman figure for being the mother, and for bearing and enduring the burdens of life. Young and talented, he has won several awards in and out of Bahrain and has participated in various exhibitions and workshops. Meet Ahmed Anan, a prominent face in the Art fraternity of Bahrain whose creations are strikingly beautiful and extremely intriguing.

Tell us briefly about yourself: where you were born and raised, your educational background, etc.

I was born in Manama, Bahrain in 1968 and grew up in a small village called Mahooz.

Were you initiated into arts and painting during your childhood?

I used to play outside in the nature, I got influenced at a young age with the colorful clothes that the women used to wash by the spring, also the cartoons that were played in a local channel on TV.

Because of the religious environments that we grew up in, my father didn’t support me at all. In fact, he wanted me to stop drawing, so I had to draw secretly in private but after growing up and becoming an artist, then he started to support me. I was mostly supported by my teachers while I was still in school, my paintings where always hanging on the school walls.

Ahmed Anan

Tell us briefly about the kind of arts that you pursue. Who has been your inspiration?

I started with drawing cartoons, then impression art and then modern, contemporary and symbolic art. After finishing high school, I immediately joined the Contemporary Art Association in 1989.

I was mostly inspired by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and then Pablo Picasso.

Tell us about the significance of art in your life.

I draw for the artists, critics and the artistically educated class.

What have been the major challenges in your path so far?

My major challenges were the lack of support and appreciation of my style from the public.

Do you feel that a formal training is essential to pursue arts?

No, I don’t think so. It’s primarily dependent on the passion of an individual and his/her innate talent too.

What awards have you received?


  • 2001 Won the 1st prize of the Society Annual Exhibition.
  • 1995 Award in the Fine Art Exhibition – Bahrain National Museum – Ministry of Information.
  • Bahrain National Muséum- Bahrain Other Private Collection

Tell us about the various workshops that you have participated in

  • 2014 Dry point – graphic and print – Albareh Art Gallery by artist Mohammed Khalil Omar- Bahrain.
  • 2012 Painting in Sowaira, Morocco.
  • 2011 Graphic (Eeaching) in contemporary art association by artist Rafie Alnasery , Bahrain.
  • 2012 Mono type in Fayoum , Egypt.
  • 1990,1992,1994 (Graphic) in Asilah, Morocco

img_0221Who or what has been your source of support for all these years?

I am fortunate to have the support of my family, the association, the ministry of culture and information, and my fellow artists.

Have you participated/held exhibitions in Bahrain or in any other place? Give us a list of the last few.

  • 2016 Solo Exhibition Conceal and Reveal at Alriwaq art speas – Bahrain.
  • 2014 Solo Exhibition in Alkubar Design art gallery – KSA. Tqaseem 4 Exhibition with 3 artists – Fa Gallery, Kuwait.
  • 2013 lineaments Exhibition with Qatari artists – Almarkiya Art Gallery, Qatar.
  • 2012 Tqaseem 3 Exhibition with 3 artists – Albareh Art Gallery, Bahrain.
  • 2011 Tqaseem 2 Exhibition with 3 artists – Art Sellect Gallery, Dobai.

What is your message to aspiring artists?

My message to the other artists is to get educated in art, practice, and the search for new contemporary ideas.